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What Makes All Assisted Living Different?
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Comfortable Living

From the smallest detail, we are committed to finding the perfect assisted living home. Whether it’s dietary, physical, or mental needs, we have you covered. 

Active Lifestyle

Active Lifestyle?  With our guidance, we can find a place where you or your loved one’s needs are met, with an active, engaging lifestyle. Our homes often include Holiday dinners and services, Clergy visits, social hours, special events, live entertainment, walks, yoga, and more!

Nutritious Meal Options

Our homes offer 3 daily nutritious meals, plus snacks. Our food is always the freshest, organic ingredients, often from local farmer’s markets and co-ops. We also offer menus that accommodate a wide variety of individual dietary and religious needs.

Focused on Health

All of our homes feature 24-hour supervision and medication management services. We also provide specific programs for residents with Alzheimer’s and dementia. We provide onsite R.N. and M.D. visits, as well as working with preferred primary care physicians. 

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Assisted Living Features
Immaculate Homes

All of our homes are converted and customized so our residents feel at home, even if they aren’t in their own home.

Customized Meal Plans

We can accommodate all kinds of dietary restrictions and meal needs.

World Class Caretakers

The best in the business work for us.  We find them, so you don’t have to.

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